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Therapy for Anxiety

Image by Joice Kelly

Anxiety has proven to be highly treatable. Through recognition of triggers, ineffective thought patterns, and judgments, treatment can be helpful in reducing overall symptoms of anxiety and stress. 

Experiencing anxiety can feel as if you are trapped and cannot take any steps forward.  Anxiety can manifest itself as overthinking, panic attacks, irritability, hypervigilance, lack of concentration, racing thoughts , fatigue and /or sweating. 

Generally in session, we will use mindfulness techniques to identify the triggers of anxiety and learn coping strategies to manage the anxiety associated with the triggers.  We will also spend time recognizing thoughts that lead to intense emotions.  Challenging, validating, and finding more balanced thoughts will assist in reducing the intensity of the emotion associated with the thoughts. 

I use the following therapeutic techniques when working with anxiety:

  • Cognitive Behavioral therapy

  • Acceptance and Commitment therapy

  • Cognitive Processing therapy

  • Dialectical Behavior therapy

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