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Empowerment Through Individual DBT Skills Coaching

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Developing a life worth living means you're not just surviving; rather, you have good reasons for living. 
-Kiera Van Gelder

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), renowned for its skills-based approach, often finds its platform within group therapy settings. Yet, recognizing the varied needs of individuals, I extend the option of 1:1 DBT skills coaching. This tailored therapeutic avenue is a boon for those who prefer individual sessions or seek a more flexible level of care beyond intensive outpatient offerings.

In this journey, you'll experience skills instruction, diary card management, homework assignments, and the flexibility of meeting 1-3 times weekly. Moreover, if transitioning from group to individual DBT better aligns with your path, I'm here to support you.

Navigating DBT's Four Modules:

- Mindfulness: Amplifying awareness of intense emotions, judgments, urges, and bodily sensations. This paves the way for responsive actions over reactive responses.
- Distress Tolerance: Equipping you to navigate challenging situations without exacerbating the distress. This module also tempers emotional intensity in the heat of the moment.
- Emotion Regulation: Cultivating consistency, routine, and emotional balance. These skills, in turn, fortify emotional resilience.
- Interpersonal Effectiveness: Navigating conflicts, nurturing relationships, and defining personal identity and values.

Ready to Transform?

If these skills resonate with your journey, take the first step. Reach out today for a free consultation and chart your course towards empowerment. Your path to a more skillful life awaits.

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