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Online / Virtual Therapy

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Research has shown that online therapy is as effective as in-person therapy.  Online therapy offers therapy to those that may be unable to get away from the office,  dealing with busy schedules, unable to travel for therapy sessions, or feel more comfortable in a virtual setting.  I offer the option of online services to all clients that I see.  I also offer a hybrid mix of online and in person services if that is desired. 

Online therapy may be appropriate for you if:


  • You cannot get away from the office or are on a time limited schedule that won't allow for transportation time.

  • You have children at home and cannot come into the office due to childcare. 

  • You have physical limitations that keep you from getting into the office.

  • You live far away from Golden Valley Minnesota but would still like to engage in therapy sessions. 

  • You are traveling and still want to continue your therapy sessions.

Have a question?  Ready to schedule your complimentary 15 minute consultation?  Contact me today!

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